Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

What are “Developing Countries”? They are countries that are still developing Socially, Economically, and Agriculturally.

These Countries Include:

Gambia, Costa Rica, Micronesia, Fed. Sts., Syrian Arab Republic, Guinea, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Niger, Yemen, Burundi, Kenya, Cambodia, Korea, Dem Rep., Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Somalia, Liberia, South Africa, Tajikistan, Comoros, Madagascar, Nigeria, Vanuatu, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Djibouti, Moldova, Timor-Leste, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Tunisia, Colombia, Maldives, Turkey, Dominica, Mauritius, Turkmenistan, Mexico, Tuvalu, Togo, Congo, Dem. Rep, Eritrea, Mali, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Samoa, Armenia, India, São Tomé and Principe, Cameroon, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Sudan, Congo, Rep., Marshall Islands, Swaziland, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Arab Rep., Mongolia, Tonga, Albania, El Salvador, Morocco, Ukraine, Fiji, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belize, Iraq, Senegal, Bhutan, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Bolivia, Kosovo, South Sudan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Grenadines, West Bank and Gaza, Guyana, Paraguay, Rep., Honduras, Ecuador, Palau, Algeria, Gabon, Panama, American Samoa, Uruguay Rwanda, Grenada, Peru, Antigua and Barbuda, Iran, Islamic Rep., Romania, Argentina, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Zambia, Angola, Jordan, Serbia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Botswana, Lebanon, St. Lucia, Brazil, Libya, St. Vincent and the Bulgaria, Lithuania, Suriname, Chile, Macedonia, FYR, Thailand, and Montenegro.

So if your Country is stated above, then you are Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship.

Undergraduates Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

Listed below are Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries.

Fully-Funded 1,500 Chevening Scholarship awards for Developing Countries

Fully-Funded 1,500 Chevening Scholarships in the United Kingdom for Developing Countries is designed for master’s degree Students to study in the UK. Only eligible people will be considered for this program.

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

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Schwarzman Scholars Masters Scholarship for foreign Students – China

Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship organized to respond to the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century. This scholarship is designed to prepare the next generation to be global leaders.

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

The University of Essex, Africa Scholarship Program for Masters Studies

The University of Essex is delighted to open applications for the Africa master’s scholarship program for the 2019-2020 academic calendar year. Africans are welcome to apply for this scholarship program; you can be eligible for a scholarship of 4,000 Euros paid as a discount on the tuition fee.

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

MMEG (Margaret McNamara Educational Grants) for African Women – South Africa

Applications are welcomed for MMEG grants available for female applicants Africa to pursue their degree in the USA and Canada. Candidates must be enrolled at an accredited academic institution at the time of application or plan to be admitted for a full academic year upon receipt of the grant. An MMEG grant covers only a portion of the total costs for an academic year…

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

OWSD Elsevier Foundation scholarship Awards for Early-Career Female Scientists from any Developing Countries

The OWSD Elsevier Foundation is calling for recommendations of hardworking science-inclined women from Africa and other developing countries…

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

Postgraduate Scholarship at University of Dundee School of Medicine for International Applicants

The University of Dundee School of Medicine, UK, Postgraduate Scholarship award for Intercontinental Student, offers self-funded overseas Ph.D. students, on a first come basis, with the standards provided by the School’s Research Postgraduate board. The fifty percent fee decrease would be on the basic tuition fee, currently £15,950 per annum. Applicants should be aware that there may be other expenses related to the running of their Ph.D. project.

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

WARA (West African Research Association) Travel Grant Fellowship for African Scholars

The WARA {West African Research Association) Travel Grant is giving away travel expenses up to $1,500 and earnings of $1,500 to West African scholar.

Click here to Apply for Scholarship


The Austrian Government OeAD Ernst Mach Follow up Grants

The Republic of Austria`s Government is offering scholarships for grants and research promotion for Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. students. Scholarships are also provided for research periods at scientific research institutions in Austria, Applications from International students are most welcome, and students who are Austrians by nationality are NOT to apply.

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

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University of Laval Masters Scholarship for European and African Students

The University of Laval is welcoming applications for master’s scholarships for international students of high academic ability for 2019 academic calendar. Awards are presented to undertake a postgraduate degree program at the university.

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Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University for Highly-intellectual Students

Up to 100 scholarships slots are currently available for the fully-funded knight Hennessy scholars program at the Stanford University, USA. Applications are accepted from students around the globe

Click here to Apply for Scholarship

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020

UNICAF Scholarship Program at the University of South Wales, Master’s Degree

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